What is ‘design-build’?

‘Design-build’ is the project delivery methodology that is addressing tough problems of quality, schedule, and cost of capital construction.
Growth and maturity of the design-build owners, design, and construction practitioners has established the trend for improvement of design and construction practices in America. The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) is founded to promote the continuous improvement of this integrated process.

How is ‘design-build’ project delivery improving design and construction?

Design-build embraces architecture/engineering and construction services under a single team, thereby combining the vital roles of designer and constructor.
Design-build practitioners have re-established excellence and integrity in the industry and, while honoring their past, look to the future with innovative design and management techniques to complement those high standards.

How is DBIA/NW different from other industry organizations I already belong to?

DBIA is the only industry organization which exists solely to bring together all parties of the design-build project delivery cycle.
Our members’ focus is on improvement of design-build project delivery. The DBIA/NW mission is to continuously improve the level of practice; to educate; and to provide resources of advice and support.

Can your organization afford to wait to participate in ‘design-build’ project delivery?

Owners and businesses that were organized around conventional methodologies have moved to design-build, and more are moving in this direction each month.
DBIA members are remaking the construction industry – in the United States and worldwide. Your participation is important!